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Butterley Reservoir is located in the village of Marsden, West Yorkshire. The reservoir has a magnificent spillway (also known as the overflow) which is a remarkable landscape feature known and loved by villagers and visitors to the area.

Yorkshire Water is planning to make alterations to the spillway at Butterley Reservoir, Kirklees Council has refused their Planning Applications and now Yorkshire Water is planning to appeal those decisions.

Butterley spillway is the only listed spillway of its type in the country – it is therefore rare and very special and should not be destroyed.

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The works are needed to comply with the Reservoirs Act of 1975. Yorkshire Water say this act has been changed more recently which is why works are only being undertaken now.

Save Butterley Spillway is a group that is campaigning to preserve the overflow spillway at Butterley Reservoir. In doing so we seek to ensure that Yorkshire Water employ best practice and transparency in its design and consultation processes to achieve the best possible heritage and environmental outcome.

If you are proud of and love our spillway then please help us to save it!

When this heritage is lost it will be gone forever

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